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Online MMO RPGs to play this weekend

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Weekends are a great time to try something new with the opportunity to spend time playing your time and gradually developing your character, rather than just playing one-off projects. Not all MMO RPG come with a free distribution model and require an internal subscription or purchase of additional content; but you can try out most of the content for free until you reach level 20; or buy special add-ons if you like the project.

What games should you try?

  • World of Warcraft
  • Destiny 2
  • Final Fantasy 14
Online MMO RPG

World of Warcraft

Cult MMO RPG with confrontation between two factions – the Horde and the Alliance.

Fortunately, representatives of any faction have no advantages for a long time; so you will have to choose solely from external preferences.

Leveling is based on story and secondary quests, dungeon crawls; PVP and is divided into two stages after the release of the Dragonflight update.

New locations will be available after reaching level 60; it is then that the opportunity will open up to sail to the Dragon Islands; and begin to study the history of the islands, which have long been hidden from the eyes of the players.

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On the islands, you will study the history of dragons and help local researchers understand the history of their ancestors; and establish the true reasons for the struggle of dragons with centaurs and giants.

The passage of each island will open the story further until you explore all four parts of the new lands and get to the capital.

Gradually, you will meet all possible types of dragons in order to get a unique opportunity to tame one of them. This will open up the unique ability to fly over the world of Azeroth with complete freedom of choice of direction; rather than scripted movement between points.

Flying will upgrade your pet and the ability to sit in the saddle; which affects the chance of being knocked out of the saddle; and falling from the dragon under the attack of flying opponents.

Engage in crafts – working with the collection of materials; and using them in production is a separate layer of content in the World of Warcraft.

You will be able to master a profession, help the server get enough of high-quality equipment and weapons for all players who ignore this part of the content, you will be able to upgrade your specialization and earn a lot of game gold.

The order table will help you to constantly develop the profession; simply by completing tasks for other players for a financial reward.

Online MMO RPG

Destiny 2

An online MMO RPG shooter set in a universe of the distant future; where humanity repels the onslaught of alien invaders while simultaneously exploring space and new planets.

You have to choose one of three game classes. All of them have the skill of working with small arms and the ability to use additional skills.

Titan is a strong warrior and defender of the main city. Uses ranged weapons, a shield, and steel fists to attack and protect allies from most types of damage.

Warlock is a magician and a shooter in one person who fights against darkness in all its manifestations. Uses ranged weapons and magic attacks to deal massive damage to enemies and healing skills to allies. An indispensable class in all types of battles.

The hunter is a dagger and ranged fighter, a wanderer from the wild lands and a professional mercenary. Has a branded cloak, which symbolizes the new contract. According to the code of honor, the hunter must take the cloak of a brother-in-arms if he fell in battle; and complete the work he started. Used in PvP and raids to deal increased damage from a long distance against targets with strong armor.

Go on raids and strikes to get quality equipment and have fun.

In Destiny 2, all dungeons are dynamic and require players to make decisions on the go, otherwise the quest may end in failure.

Players can compete against each other in PVP modes.

Also, The Trial of Osiris lets 3-man battlegroups compete against each other for a set of win streaks that will reward seasonal legendary weapons and armor.

A streak of 7 wins is hard to come by, but matches are fast and often enough to try again and again. Remember to use class unique abilities, cover, and grenades to gain a tactical advantage.

Final Fantasy 14

FF 14 is a continuation of the cult console single player with your favorite characters in the world of MMO RPG.

The player will create their own character who will participate in cinematic scenes on a level with other characters with immersive effect.

In FF 14 there will be a storyline, the passage of which will take players at least 100 hours of real time, according to the assurance of the developers, and players will meet iconic characters from past parts of the franchise.

The developers have significantly worked on the game world and expanded the game mechanics, making Final Fantasy 14 a direct competitor to World of Warcraft, with its own system of professions, dungeons and activities in addition to farming.

Content with playing a musical instrument will be cool, where you only need to peep your favorite song on the Internet and you can go to the city square to amuse other players and earn some gils.

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