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Pirates of the Caribbean tales of the code wed locked || a complete guide about the synopsis and cast || Everything We Know about Caribbean tales code

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pirates of the caribbean: tales of the code: wedlocked is a short prequel film based on the Pirates of the Caribbean produced by Leora Glass.

Overview of Pirates of the Caribbean tales of the code wedlocked:

If you are a movie lover, you are getting set ready with your sea legs on this feature movie. This is actually a magical and fantasy-featured movie setting, a new installment of the swashbuckling and family-favorite having with the film franchise called Pirates of The Caribbean. And today, we are going to talk about its 6th season, which is Pirates of the Caribbean tales of the code wed locked. Also, This feature movie has been identified in the series of entire movies. And this movie depends on Disneyland and the ride of a similar film name, and all films have created air in the latest film industry which is over the past 18 years.

Since this movie was released for the first time, it is the name of pirates of the caribbean tales of the code wedlocked. Many of the audience of this movie is worldwide, and they have fallen in love with the community. It is sometimes hilarious and has salty-dog characters that have stolen both the audience’s hearts and everyone’s treasure. When we are talking about changes brewing and various types of rumors, they are spreading across the internet and over the globe. 

Introduction of pirates of the caribbean tales of the code wedlocked:

Well, if you are a die-hard fan of Jack Sparrow, aka Johnny Depp, you are also a true lover of pirates of the Caribbean movie and its entire series. Oh, these movies will be used in the world of treasure and the world of oceans and pirates. This movie is also a crucial part of this series, and its story is also very impressive and interesting. So, guys, grab your compass and let’s dive into the world of treasure and the world of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Tales of the Code:

pirates of the caribbean tales of the code wedlocked

Wedlocked is a short and interesting film, and a famous director directs this movie. His name is James Ward Byrkit, and Leora Glass also produces this movie, and Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio write this amazing story and synopsis. And also, this tale of code is directed by Jerry Bruckheimer, and he is also serving as executive producer of this series. And this short film has main lead by the famous and their names are stars John Vickery, Vanessa Branch, and Lauren Maher.

Wedlock and tales of coded series:

This feature movie is based on the Pirates of the Caribbean, and this film series which has the name of Wed locked and its featured stars and their name are Scarlett and Giselle in what Byrkit ad they called as “a chance for the jezebel to have their own weak and special type of moment.” But the story is based on some special codes hidden in the book of Pirate Code Book, and they recalled all the codes by the original Disneyland trip.

And this movie is also known and also have their first and foremost well-known auction scenes and scenarios, other hand audience will also convince to be series to the first film, which was “The Curse of the Black Pearl,” and that movie is explaining that why Jack Sparrow’s aka Johnny Depp boat is sinking at the start of the film and why all the girls who are relating to Jack Sparrow were seen so upset with him.

Wed lock|| Tales of the Code:

Tale s of code shot in the year of 2006 and the set of this movie or series constructed was set and constructed at Walt Disney Studios. And this studio was refreshed and organized from the shooting of the third part of this film.

Wedlock script and writers:

This feature movie is based on an amazing story, and it describes the tale of when this beautiful world ended; and there is only a book that can survive this planet from their codes and also some wedlocks. And this precious book is a treasure by Pirates of the Caribbean. When they are working on the feature film, they have a very strong and conceptual consultant, and his name is Gore Verbinski. And this guy is only working with Pirates and its trilogy at that same time. Jim Byrkit had the same notion of making this short film. He is also envisioning something based on the Pirates of Code, and he began working with amazing writers; their names are Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, to develop this script.

Pirates of the Caribbean Four-Movie Collection:

In 2011, Disney or Buena Vista announced that they were releasing the home video, and it is the fourth film. Its name is “On Stranger Tides,” It would be and include the “Pirates of the Caribbean Four-Movie Collection”; This movie also consists of a 15-Disc packaging that is exclusive with Wed locked as a bonus feature or movie. The feature set was originally released on October 18, 2011, and this set early became more popular and spread broadly on the Internet. 

Synopsis and summary of pirates of the caribbean tales of the code wedlocked:

Amazingly, “Wedlocked” was a pure labor of love, and this is a short film which is directing and especially having for super-fans of the “Pirates” movies and the series. The moviemaker has a small budget, and they borrowed sets from Terry Rossio and this fantastic story written by Ted Elliott; and he wrote a script for recalling the Pirates ride more than the other features. Knowing more “Slappers” Vanessa Branch and Lauren Maher turning in leading female performers that should get them their own TV byproduct.

Plot and story of Tales of codes || Wedlock:

This short film starts with the Pirate Code Book, and this book is lying on a table. And Pirate book open when until someone opens it, and there is a caption on the first page of this book; “pirates of the caribbean tales of the code wedlocked” and there is something more written on it until “Wed locked” is also appearing out of there. The scenes dissolve into a shot of Shipwreck City; and it is brimming with lantern lights and also with some docked ships at night.

The cast of Tales of code || wed locked:

pirates of the caribbean tales of the code wedlocked

John Vickery is playing the most amazing role as an Auctioneer. Vanessa Branch is showing her character as a Giselle. And Lauren Maher is playing the role of a Scarlett. David Bailie is playing the most interesting character as a Cotton. 

Some famous Pirates of the ship:

Walter Williamson plays the role of” The Marquis D’avis and “The Rich Pirate.” Fred Maske is doing the role as an Atencio “The Poor Pirate.” Martin Horsey is playing his role as Gregor, and he is always known as “The Drunk Pirate”; Jack Donner plays a role as Jerome, and he is an Old Pirate of the ship. Ric Sarabia is the playing role of Nigel, and he is known as a Skinny Pirate. Barry Cullison is playing as a Slurry Gibson, and he is known as The Sitting Pirate.

Christopher Rocha is shown as a Mungard. And as well, Dale Dickey can be seen in the character of Oona, and she is the Wench. Christopher Maxwell shows Dante’s character, and he is the most handsome pirate.

Other characters and their names:

Lucas Cheadle can be seen as the Pirate Band, and he also has Upright Bass. And Steven (Stevie) Gurr can be seen as a Pirate Band, and he also has a Guitar in this feature.

Norman Panto is playing the role of a Pirate Band, and he is an Accordion; and Joel Pargman can be seen as a Pirate Band, and he is a Fiddle.

More characters || pirates of the caribbean tales of the code wedlocked:

Diana Cignoni 

Karla Cook 

Nicole Dionne

Roberta Kooistra

Alethea Kutscher

Allison Long

Paula Long


Lindsey Martin 

Adam Allee

Keith Arndt

Frank Bettag 

Frank Giammona

Albert Lund

Omar Mohammed

Cory Montgomery

Dennis O’Neill

Alan Prampin

Greg Reeves

Richard Robertson


Randolph Scott  

Auctioneer Assistant:

Martin Pierron  

And the main and special character of this film is

Johnny Depp as a Captain Jack Sparrow.

Scarlett and Giselle and Captain Jack Sparrow tricked them:

pirates of the caribbean tales of the code wedlocked

There is an anteroom, and also there is a standing mirror which has oval-shaped with a wooden frame. And the movie starts from Scarlett’s role, and she looks at her reflection on that mirror. When she lit the light by candle, a vision of her flawless beauty as she is trying to see her as on a bridal veil, and then she noticed her rival to Giselle. And she is also brushing her hair on the other of the mirror. Moreover, when she is meeting one another, they both realize that they are getting ready for their own wedding days. Although Giselle is describing her groom as having musing eyes and can also “speak fancy words with him, and her word has lots of syllables.

On the other hand, Scarlett said to her handsome groom that she is a captain and wants to her men along with all over the world is also speak her name. By this time, both wenches have lifted their hands, and they both are displaying identical engagement rings on their fingers and as they both at that time had revealed one name and which is Jack Sparrow. Scarlett and Giselle’s faces fall, and they both realize that they have been mocked and as well as deceived by the Jack Sparrow.

The Auctioneer leading the auction || pirates of the caribbean tales of the code wedlocked:

Furthermore, the story is growing, and there is a whirlwind, and suddenly a man appears; and he is known as the Auctioneer of the main auction;z and he is smiling as he is presenting most beautiful wenches as the main products. And he also includes the bewildered, and their names are Scarlett and Giselle. 

When these two of them ask about Jack’s whereabouts, the Auctioneer is gesturing to Giselle; and he is giving her a flower and some bouquet as the first wench to be bid upon on this auction. Tough, an old pirate was giving a bid of only five pieces of silver, and then he was insulted to Giselle; and after that, she was reacting angrily to the bid.

Scarlett and Giselle fighting || pirates of the caribbean tales of the code wedlocked:

Scarlett is blowing a kiss to the bidding pirates before Giselle advertises as for the highest bid. She is emphasizing her breakup before doing any pose. And she is in Nigel’s bid, and she has taken ten more for “the one with the flaxen hair”; but she lost when Slurry Gibson bid 50 for her due to the “redhead.” 

Moreover, Giselle stated that she was “eager-G-iously,” which means she agreed and underbid this auction; and Atencio has bid fifteen for the “not redhead.

Otherwise, the Drunk Pirate has bid up to 60 for Scarlett. And it was the Marquis D’avis who has announced a bid of 70 for Scarlett immediately. Soon, both wenches, Scarlett and Giselle, shoved each other, and before wrestling started, they both were pulling their hair. They are fighting like catfighting. All pirates are laughing at them, and they are saying likewise, “two wenches fought one another;” and then the band’s music continues to play as other wenches try to restrain Scarlett, and she was biting on Giselle’s leg. Giselle was hitting Scarlett and repeatedly doing as her leg was bitten until they both froze and looked out toward the pirates. And all the pirates are staring, slack-jawed, enthralled.

Where do we catch up on the Pirates of the Caribbean film and its all series?

Happily, suppose any of you are looking to re-watch and replay all the characters on the original five features before the newest tale or movie is released. In that case, these movie series are very easy to search about. All five movies of this series are available, and they are streaming on Disney+; and we can also purchase on YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV for $3.99 each.

The final words:

pirates of the caribbean tales of the code wedlocked is a famous movie; and it is also known as the 6th series of Disneyland, and this movie has comprised of its 6 versions and movie features. Every series has its secrets and an amazing treasure for its lovers and fans. Johnny Depp is the main character, and he is playing his role as Captain Jack Sparrow.

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