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The 10 Top Real Estate Agents in America You Can’t Afford To Miss Out On In 2022

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The experience of buying a real estate property may be a scary experience; however, realtors are there to make this process an easy-peasy-breezy process for both novice and seasoned home buyers. They not only ease the stress the process brings upon you, but they also provide timely advice enabling you to make informed decisions. Here is details about 10 Top Real Estate Agents in America.

However, real estate agents are more than that; they are the new driving force in the real estate sector, transforming the market and making waves with their knowledge and skill in the field.

As of March 2022, the number of homes for sale across the United States has shot up to 950,000. The median house price has risen and the buyers’ purchasing power has seen a sharp dip.

In a nutshell, it has never been more important to promote your property properly. 

That is why it is imperative that you hire the best from the rest to get your dream price. 

Check out these 10 top real estate agents in America you can’t afford to miss out on in the year 2022.

Niko Lakovic

With his booming firm, Luxury Homes LLC, Niko Lakovic has committed his energies to real estate brokerage. His extensive expertise and understanding of local and regional markets, important investors, and developers over a 15-year period have elevated him to the position of an unrivaled realtor in the real estate industry. 

Niko’s techniques seek to give extraordinary value to his clients and boost the growth of his firm. 

In 2020, he formed a joint venture with a Sotheby’s Realty franchise holder and successfully built Montenegro’s first Sotheby’s Realty office.

His unrivaled market expertise and dedication to his serving his customers have skyrocketed Montenegro Sotheby’s growth. 

Word of mouth is the reason he is so reputed and a good bet. With genuine advice and unwavering efforts, he has won the confidence and respect of a large number of clients. 

His Real Estate Agents areas of expertise include real estate brokerage, mergers and acquisitions, and investment consulting. 

His results-oriented tactics have effectively monitored the multi-million dollar worth of concluded transactions.

Falesha Raquel

Falesha Raquel wears multiple hats—businesswoman, coach, entertainer, author, and serial entrepreneur. 

Also, Falesha is a Top Producing Real Estate Broker with RE/MAX Metropolis and also one of the few women in North America who owns a construction company—Falesha Homes, which is making enough waves for her to be a force to reckon with in 2022.

Tiffany Gray

Tiffany Gray, Founder, and Broker of T.A.M.G. Realty Inc. have experience in commercial and residential real estate for over 2 decades, with a focus on commercial financing. Throughout her career, she has been in charge of real estate deals worth more than a billion dollars.

Tiffany, as an entrepreneur, is continuously discovering new-age ways to help her clients realize the “American Dream” of owning a house.

Kimberly Johnson

Kimberly Johnson is a visual person at heart who enjoys making things appear visually mind-blowing. Design is important to her. She also believes that irrespective of what your budget is, you can turn a property into a refuge.

Her father’s profession required them to relocate frequently when she was growing up; which had a significant influence on how she felt about establishing roots. 

Life changes often necessitate house adjustments, and as an agent; she takes her job of assisting clients in navigating these transitions seriously. 

Kimberly considers herself extremely privileged to be a part of the process. Making things easy for her clients lays the foundation stone for her journey into this Real Estate Agents.

Julie Latsko

Julie’s unwavering work ethic, attention to detail, eye for interior design, and familiarity with every stage of the homeownership process make her the go-to agent in Chicago. These qualities, along with cutting-edge technology and marketing resources from Compass, resulted in a more than 200 percent increase in transaction volume and scores of delighted clients for Julie in 2021. 

She is recognized for her ethics, client education and negotiation skills, and in-depth knowledge of the city’s neighborhoods. She believes that actually engaging with her clients and advocating for them is the greatest approach to get the best conclusion, regardless matter how simple or complex the case is.

Julie has earned multiple industry awards and is routinely recognized as a top-performing agent — she is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and ready to assist.

Paola Andrade

Paola Andrade is the founder of HOME593, a real estate niche of specialized services that meet the needs of premium clientele in Ecuador, Panama, and, most recently, Miami. 

Also, Paola has over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry and is dedicated to advising; supporting, and optimizing the efforts of any individual seeking their next best house. This is why, over the course of her career, she established one of Ecuador’s largest databases of buyers; developers, construction firms, and accessible property. She donned many hats she matched local real estate demand with magnificent high-profile houses and developments.

One of her most recent endeavors is to improve the real estate experience of local purchasers in Central and South America and steer them toward becoming international investors. 

She is accomplishing this by collaborating with Sotheby’s Foreign Real Estate Agents; which allows her to bring international high-profile real estate investors to the United States.

Al Torre

A native of South Florida, he is a member of the Broward and Palm Beach County Boards of Realtors. Al Torre earned his Doctorate in Pharmacology from the University of Florida in 2005. Before relocating to Boca Raton in 2012, he successfully owned and eventually sold three pharmacies in Miami. 

As one of their best-performing agents, he co-founded The Torre Group with his wife Deniese. With over two decades of expertise in commercial and residential real estate ranging from investment possibilities to more exclusive properties; they head a strong team of well-rounded experts that deliver outstanding service to their community.

The Torre Group is on course to have its best year ever as it continues to grow outside of South Florida; with new developments in Central Florida and $70 million in new construction planned. He owes his success to his active community participation, as well as true quality and consistent service.

Lauren Carroll

Lauren Carroll, Senior VP of Residential Real Estate Agents Solutions for over a decade focuses on finding her buyers the perfect dream house. One of her many skills is her ability to use her superpower of honed property knowledge in a specific location where she has virtually grown up. 

Lauren exhibits a strong passion and cares for everyone she meets from the beginning to the completion of the home-buying process. 

She is devoted to intense negotiating and can quickly provide a degree of simplicity to difficult procedures for her customers; having sold over $250 million in home transactions.

Dr. Erin Helle

Erin’s passion for real estate is combined with her drive to lead, empower, and educate. Erin is a Realtor (R) with eXp Realty who continues to invest. She focuses on creating processes, expanding her and her team’s businesses; and striving to be efficient and successful at all times. 

Erin is a U.S. Army veteran and real estate investor who gained financial independence and became a billionaire in less than four years by investing in real estate. She is an investment subject matter expert who educates her customers and team members on how to assess properties for cash flow and return in order to produce a million millionaires, a personal aim of hers!

Melissa Victor

Melissa has over two decades of combined expertise in Property Management, Real Estate; and Business Management as the founder and broker/owner of MMV Real Estate Group LLC. 

Her expertise of Orlando and Central Florida is unrivaled. Her clients have constantly sought her guidance and trusted her judgment; and more than 70% of her business is based on recommendations from delighted customers. 

MMV Real Estate Group LLC is a full-service firm; and Melissa’s aim for MMV is to be renowned for prioritizing Heart and Integrity before Profit. 

She leads a team of specialists that share the objective of treating each customer like family.

Is There A Better Alternative?

When selling a home, having top real estate agents at your disposal may help the process go smoothly. Their advice can assist you in obtaining the greatest price for your house in the least amount of time. 

Choosing the right real estate broker, on the other hand, might be a difficult task as each one functions differently. 

Oh and by the way… 

The average commission you pay (throughout the country) is 6% – shared 50-50 between the listing and buyer agents; – your earnings on the sale of your house are significantly diminished. 

The alternative is if you use a Flat Fee MLS listing service or FSBO service from a company like Houzeo; where you pay a flat fee which is a fraction compared to what you’ll end up paying as commission fees; and also save you up to 3 % on the listing agent commission. You should check out Houzeo reviews for more information.

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