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Why Proxies are Needed to Manage Social Media Accounts

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Using Proxies To Manage Multiple Accounts for Marketing

Proxies can be used for a lot more than just protecting your online anonymity or accessing blocked content. Marketers are starting to use these tools in many different processes, such as collecting data. Digital marketers and agencies also use residential proxy in social media campaigns. But how are these tools used on social platforms? 

What Are Social Media Proxies?

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between the user and the websites or platforms they try to access. Basically, any request you make gets routed to the proxy server first and is then sent on to the website or platform you want to visit. During this process, the proxy also changes your IP address.

This makes it a great tool for hiding your identity. This also makes it possible to access geo-blocked content, as you can choose an IP in the country you’re trying to access. For example, a Turkey proxy will assign you a new IP from within the country, making you appear like a local. The Turkey proxy allows you to access Turkish content that may be blocked for users from other countries.

Social media proxies are a specialized type of residential proxy explicitly developed for use on social platforms. The biggest allure of these proxies is that they’re virgin proxies. This means that the IP provided for these has never used to create accounts on social media. Therefore they won’t get banned for having too many accounts associated with the IP.

This is an essential feature for marketers. One of the most significant issues marketers face on social platforms is account limits. Users only allowed to create a handful of accounts from one IP address before the platform suspects bot activity; bans the IP from the platform, and freezes the account.

How Can Marketers and Media Agencies Use Proxies?

Using, creating, and managing multiple accounts on various social platforms is essential for digital marketers and social media specialists.

Managing Multiple Accounts

If you’re a digital marketer, chances are that you have many different clients. Some of these clients might even have complex businesses that require multiple social accounts to diversify their social media presence. As such, it’s essential for marketers to be able to create and manage multiple social accounts effectively without getting an IP ban.

By using social media proxies, marketers are able to create up to four new accounts per IP. This makes it possible for them to create and manage dozens, if not hundreds, of social media accounts.

Alternatively, marketers can also use location-specific proxies, like the above-mentioned Turkey proxy; if their client wants to target an audience in a specific location. This proxy will give you IP addresses from within the country; and when used to create an account, it will seen as local to that country.

It should noted that when it comes to managing multiple social accounts, using a rotating proxy not recommended. Rotating proxies change your IP with each new request. While this is useful in many situations, managing multiple social accounts is not one of them. This is because the platform might suspect your account is a bot if you use it from an IP address in the US one day; and then the next day, your IP is from Russia.

Growing Accounts

Marketers can also use proxies to boost traffic to accounts and other associated platforms. By having access to many IPs, marketers can create non-business-related accounts. They can then use these accounts to drive traffic to business accounts, websites, and other social channels and boost their traffic.

This may seem a little sneaky, but it’s important to note that it can take a long time to grow a new social platform unless you spend a lot on advertising. This technique is a simple way to drive traffic to a brand’s content and related platforms. By driving traffic to these brands’ content, the platform starts to take notice as the content seems relevant, exciting, and high value. This means the platform will push it out to more user feeds – which will help to grow the organic traffic to your account faster. 

Things to bear in mind when using this technique are not to get excited by the initial simulated traffic. This is just a technique used to speed up the process of getting the platform’s algorithm to take notice. Another thing is never to flood a new account with tons of traffic immediately, as that’ll also raise suspicion. Instead, stagger the amount of traffic you send in a more natural way.

Final Thoughts

Using proxies for social media is more than just convenient. It’s necessary. Without a proxy, social media marketers won’t be able to create, manage or use multiple accounts on these platforms without getting slapped with an IP ban.

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