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Understanding the Bonuses and Rewards of Travel Card

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If you frequently make repeated business travel, then it would be a great idea to get some travel card benefits and advantages from those travel purchases. Of course, you could always sign up for your favorite travel club. Those points from car rentals and airline purchases can quickly add up and soon get you some nice free travel. Many travel card companies also offer other incentives from time to time. You can check the Capital One Venture credit card bonuses in this regard. Whether it’s a hotel stay upgrade or free tickets on an out-of-town travel tour, such options might be worth considering.

Reward System:

One frequent reward system is the one that offers a cashback (sometimes referred to as “bait” or “coveted points”) program from travel companies for a variety of travel expenses. You have to spend a certain amount of money to cash in on these points. Generally, the amount of points that you can collect depends on the credit limit that you have on your card. The more points that you have the more “coveted” the point becomes. In many cases, a certain number of chase cards will have a cap on the number of points that you can accumulate. These are the Travel Card Benefits that You can cash in your points whenever you want.

Amount of Spending Credit:

Another form of rewards program is to receive double the amount of spending credit. Some companies call this “double-spending.” You have to spend a certain amount of money to get the benefits. This is usually equivalent to a point or sometimes a cent. You can only get double points by spending money on dining, shopping, spa visits, cruises, airlines, and hotels. For most travel packages, you’re going to receive a 2x points system for many, if not all, participating airlines and hotels.


Other forms of perks are a type of fee waivers. In order to get a capital one venture card or any other travel card with any major credit card company, they may require a small annual fee to be waived. Many people do not think about Travel Card Benefits when they apply for a card. However, many times the annual fee waiver is listed somewhere on the application, and it can be a big cash bonus. The two most common perks that you will find listed for capital one venture cardholders are airline miles and hotel discounts.

Earn Miles:

The next bonus point category has to do with the airline miles and hotel discounts. In the first three months of using your travel rewards card, you will earn a certain amount of mile points. After three months, you will only earn the same amount of mile points towards your regular air travel expenses. Therefore, in the first three months of using your card, if you travel a lot and purchase a lot of items for yourself and your family, you can earn quite a bit of extra mile points on every purchase you make.

Bonus Points:

With the points you earn from your travel card, you will also be able to earn 2x points on dining purchases in the same period. This means if you go out to dinner with your significant other and purchase her a new diamond earring, she will receive a bonus point for her dining purchase. She will also be credited for her gas purchase as well, which means that you will be able to save quite a bit on your monthly fuel expenses. You can actually earn twice the amount of reward points just by using your card to purchase things for yourself. This will be a huge Travel Card Benefits. No other credit card offer can give you such a valuable return on your investment.

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