Background Check Without SSN

Background checks can be performed in a number of different ways. Our article discusses if you need a social security number to conduct a background check.

The background check process can be overwhelming whether you are submitting a it for a job or pulling a background check on someone to ensure they are safe to spend time around. 

There are many reasons for performing a background check; and there are also many ways to pull a report on someone. Our article aims to shed some light on the background check process; and whether or not a social security number is required to conduct a background check.

What Is a Background Check?

A background check is a report that contains information on the personal; educational, employment, criminal, and civil history of an individual. Background checks are typically conducted by employers as a type of pre-employment screening that ensures individuals are telling the truth about their identity in addition to ensuring safe workplace hires are made. 

That’s not the only time a background check is useful though. Everyday individuals may also conduct background checks to vet the safety of a neighbor; potential partner, or individual they interact with daily.

Also, There are varying disclosure and reporting laws for background checks. How a check is authorized, the information that is allowed to be included; and the hiring decisions that are allowed to be made after reviewing a background check report are highly state-dependent. 

However, you should note that you are not allowed to use any of the information you find from a background check or online background search tools to harass or stalk an individual, or plan a crime. These actions have serious criminal consequences.

Are Social Security Numbers Required for Background Checks?

A social security number is not technically required to run an accurate background check on someone; but having this information can help. Background checks and criminal background checks use information from the public record that tied to an individual’s name; and occasionally their contact information.

Also, As a social security number is not part of the public record; you do not need it to find out this background check information and gain an accurate report on someone.

That being said, utilizing a social security number to conduct a background check report can be helpful in further confirming someone’s identity (individuals may use false names) and ensuring the accuracy of records returned in your search. 

Methods for Background Checks Without an SSN

If you don’t have access to an individual’s social security number, but you still want to run a background check, you can utilize the search methods below to find out this important information.

People Search Tools

People search tools, like the one linked from, are a great asset when it comes to finding background information without a social security number. For this method, simply input the person’s name and location into the search bar; run the search, and then review the report you receive. 

This report will pulled from public records and contain criminal history; education and employment history, social media accounts, and other vital information.

Social Media and Internet Searches

Social media searches and browsing the internet for information about a person can be a great way to find additional background history. Input the person’s name and location information into a web browser; like Google or a social media website, and browse the profiles or web pages that get pulled up. 

Using this method you can find information about the person’s place of employment; their friends and family, location history, and potential marriage, civil, and criminal records.

Manual Public Records Searches

A manual public records search may be more time-consuming; but it can be more accurate if the person you are researching doesn’t have a lot of online information. Visit the county or court records offices of the county or city where the person you are researching lives; and request criminal, civil, or property information using their name and/or address. 

This method will only work if the person you are background checking has provided their real name to you; and their records are located in a nearby city or county.

Obtaining the Background Information You Need

Background checks are confusing, anxiety-inducing, and, overall, not the most pleasant search to have conducted on you or to conduct. However, the information included in background check reports is essential in evaluating eligibility for certain types of jobs; vetting a person’s safety, and learning vital information about a person that helps to confirm their identity. 

You can perform a background check without a social security number; but having this information can help to give you more detailed and accurate reports in the case of false names or misleading information. 

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