Everything a layperson should know about nifty 

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Well, if you are a beginner and you don’t even know what really is nifty then this post is going to be really useful for you. The full form of nifty is simply national fifty; it is the main benchmark index of nse (national stock exchange).  Of course, once you know about it all, you can look for nifty share price and options and accordingly start your investments and trading.

 you know nifty got established in the year 1996 with the name cnx. Further, in the year 2015, it got renamed as nifty 50. It tracks the overall 50 largest and most liquid type of stocks out of more than one thousand six hundred stocks that are listed on nse. These types of fifty largest companies are from diverse types of industrial sectors; and collectively represent the stock market as well as economic trends of india. Moreover, It gets maintained by india index services as well as products limited (iisl); that is a joint task of the national stock exchange and crisil.

The timing 

Nifty simply follows the timings of equity segment that simply is from 9:15 am to 3:30 pm. It is Monday to Friday.

The working  

As already explained above, nifty includes the top 50 hugest companies; once these 50 stocks move, It simply acts and moves relative to these stocks.  The stocks and shares in the realm are going to play the role to move the entire base. So, people who invest in the It keep themselves informed about everything.

The constitution of nifty 

Well, for any type of company or even stock to get included in the realm of nifty 50:

  • The company must have a permanent office in the country india. It should also be listed and traded on the overall national stock exchange (nse).
  • The company must definitely be included in the nifty one hundred index and also must be available for trading in nse’s futures and even options segment to get included in the overall nifty 50 index.
  • The normal free-floating market capitalization of the company must definitely be one point five times higher than the tiniest possible company in the index.
  • In the last six months the stock must be traded regularly (one hundred percent trading frequency).

There are diverse other types of aspects that are taken into consideration before including a stock in the realm of nifty.  

The calculation

Now, nifty gets calculated making use of the float-adjusted, market capitalization-weighted practice. The index simply reflects total market value of all the stocks in the overall index relative to a specific base period. The base worth is one thousand and the base market capital is simply ₹ 2.06 trillion.


The point is simple, before you venture into investments and trading; make sure that you keep yourself well-informed about the present situation to make right and fruitful moves. The key is to stay vigilant and informed when making moves in the world of nifty. The more you are considerate, the better you can reap.

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