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Why is Liquid Vitamins Better?

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Vitamins are crucial to your health and general fitness. A deficiency in nutritional vitamins could make your body more vulnerable to any sickness that comes along. With the market flooded with different types of vitamins, many people prefer using liquid vitamins. 

There are more proven and tested results of liquid vitamins than their counterparts; gel, capsules, and pills. This article will explain why liquid vitamins are the best of all. Here is why. 

Liquid Vitamins Have a Larger Bioavailability.

Unlike vitamin pills and capsules, liquid vitamins need to partition after undergoing the breakdown course, making their bioavailability so large. In comparison, capsules also break down fast, unlike pills but not as quickly as liquid vitamins. They could take almost an hour to break down, while liquid may take only a few minutes. 

Besides, the additional constructed substances might make it hard to swallow with tablets. For example, a person experiencing swallowing problems would be better off using liquid vitamins.

Therefore, it’s crucial to correctly calculate the correct dietary supplements, example, vitamins, to ensure your patient can handle the appropriate form and dosage. 

Liquid Vitamins Are Easily Absorbable

Liquid vitamins have an absorption rate of over 80%, unlike the other forms of supplements which need to be broken down to make their nutrients available. Unfortunately, only a quarter of the nutrients could end up absorbed. If you didn’t know, vitamins don’t undergo digestion; they are absorbed directly by the body. 

For the vitamin to be quick or slow in absorption is an important thing to consider, especially when recommended by your physician. Look at your issue or that of your loved one; is it a pathogenic attack? If so, then it’ll need quick treatment. Therefore, liquid vitamin could be the best option because it needs little time to break down and be absorbed.

Vitamin capsules, for example, need time to break down before the vitamin dissolves for absorption. It may take a short time but not as short as when you take a liquid vitamin.

Liquid Vitamins Allow More Synergistic Formulas

Vitamin nutrient chains can be parked with many powerful nutrients. These nutrients work together, producing a combined effect than what a single pill or tablet can. You can combine multiple vitamins, whole food nutrients, and herbal ingredients in one liquid state. 

Such a process could be very challenging to implement in tablets, capsules, gel, or gummies. Therefore liquid vitamins can have a higher nutritional value per serving.

High Nutrient Concentration Can Be Achieved With Liquid Vitamins

Note. Pills, capsules, and gels have added ingredients not because they have a health benefit but because they give the supplement its shape. Now, say you have 3000 mg of liquid vitamins, whereas a tablet has 400 mg; there are chances that the molecules of the filler have 100 mg. Therefore, you’ll have to take  10 tablets with 400 mg dosage to equal one dose of 3000 mg liquid vitamins. Therefore, the active ingredients are much higher in liquid form.

Liquid Vitamins Bottles Are Convenient to Carry

Most vitamin storage bottles can be bulky. Luckily, it isn’t the case with liquid vitamins. Liquid vitamin bottles are usually small,  since you need only a few drops for your daily dosage. This feature makes them convenient to carry them anywhere you go.  

Why You Should Choose Liquid Vitamins

Liquid vitamins are far better than supplements like gel, capsules, powder, or pills. They have a large bioavailability and are easily absorbed by the body. Besides, more nutrients can combined in liquid form to produce a combined effect, unlike in the other modes where only a single or few nutrients can be combined. 

And if you’re on a daily routine dosage, liquid vitamin bottles are convenient to carry with you. They are not noisy and, most of all, small, with a great nutrient quantity per dosage. If you want the best medical advice about liquid vitamins supplement, our team at Better Family is ready to help you.

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