Drink Water is Important for Stress Reduction

Why Water is Important for Stress Reduction

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Drinking water regularly is believed to be very effective in preventing stress. This is because the human body cannot function normally without water. Therefore, you must drink enough water every day to ensure that everything in your body can be processed easily and effectively. This is why apart from avoiding dehydration, drinking water can also help to prevent stress. Check out the benefits of drinking water as a way to prevent stress below.

What is stress?

Stress is a condition when the body and brain experience tension in response to the threat being faced. This condition can be triggered by various circumstances, such as work, life burdens, traffic jams, family problems, and many other reasons 

Stress in the body starts from the reaction of the adrenal glands which are located above the kidneys and produce the hormone, namely cortisol. If the stress is prolonged without any treatment, the same gland will also produce another hormone, aldosterone. The aldosterone hormone plays a role in regulating fluid and electrolyte levels in the body. When there is insufficient hormone production from the adrenal glands, aldosterone production also decreases.

What is the relation between water intake with stress level?

The human body needs water because 60-70% of it consists of water.  Part of our blood also consists of 50% water. One of the blood’s main functions is as a transportation system in the body for all the essential needs of the brain, such as amino acids, vitamins, and sugars.

If there is a lack of fluids, the function of the body’s organs, especially the brain, will be disrupted. When you are dehydrated, the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain is hampered.  This condition not only reduces concentration but also results in mood swings and irregular emotions. This is why when we are lacking fluids in the body, our brain can’t work effectively to manage stress.

Lack of fluids and stress is a reciprocal relationship. Lack of fluids can cause stress because the organs of the body need enough fluids.  If it is deficient, it can interfere with the work of these organs. Stress can also cause a lack of fluids, due to the influence of the hormones in the body.

How many glasses of water do you need a day to prevent stress?

Everyone’s fluid needs depend on gender, age, stress level, weight, current weather and temperature; environmental humidity, health condition, and many more. But ideally, everyone is advised to drink 2 liters of water every day or about 8 glasses of water; to avoid possible dehydration which will also be useful to prevent stress.

Tips to improve hydration for a stress-free life

Several ways can be done to keep the body from being hydrated; and thus help you be able to regulate your emotion and stress better.

Know when your body starts lacking fluids

You can recognize that your body is lacking fluid when you notice that your urine color is more yellow than usual. The yellower the color of your urine, the more water you should drink. By tuning in with your body’s needs better; it can help you to be able to know what you should do to treat it. 

Know how much water you should drink

The more strenuous your activity, the more water you should drink. Drink more water when the weather is hot, as it makes your body sweat a lot or your throat feels dry. Knowing how much water you should drink every day; can also make you more aware to reach out for a glass of water by the hours, even when you don’t feel too thirsty. Because you know even when you don’t feel thirsty – your body still needs more glasses of water to work at its best.

Always have water near you

Always carry water wherever you go. You can put water bottles around you, such as at your working desk, bedroom, and even inside your bag. This can serve as a reminder for you to drink water regularly. You can purchase water bottles in big quantities but at an affordable price only at My Own Water

Use an app to drink water on time

Many apps can be installed on mobile phones that can serve as a reminder for you to drink. This app can be adjusted according to your needs, and even give you notification on an hourly basis to remind you to drink. 

Lack of water can cause stress and vice versa. You can consume enough water to meet the fluid needs by the body in order for it to be able to carry out its functions; including managing stress – in a better way!

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