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Non-fiction Editing: The Key to a Better Non-fiction Write-up

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Non-fiction writing is a unique work of literature. It is more complex than creating plots for short stories. A non-fiction author must also have the ability to write a made-up reality that sounds relatable. Aside from maintaining an engaging flow of sentences, a non-fiction writer should ensure that each statement he writes is based on proven facts and inferences. That is where a non-fiction editing comes into the picture. Here’s an overview of why the answer is in the affirmative.

What is non-fiction editing?

Non-fiction editing is a type of service extended by an editor to non-fiction literature. 

During non-fiction editing, the editor typically examines the entire aspect of the book and needs to fix sentence structure and flow of ideas. 

Just like in fiction editing and other forms of editing services, a non-fiction writer will also analyse grammar, capitalization, and proper use of punctuation marks.

Unlike fiction editing, non-fiction editing usually requires counterchecking of facts stated in the write-up. Hence, it requires particular skill on the part of a non-fiction editor.

Why should a non-fiction writer consider non-fiction editing?

It would be best if you considered hiring an editor for your non-fiction work for several reasons. Here are some of the top reasons why you should do so.

Non-fiction editors can give professional advice.

Believe it or not, writers also make writing mistakes. Non-fiction editors are there to give you professional advice on how to improve several aspects of your work. 

Whether you are a newbie non-fiction writer or have been in the field for quite some time, a non-fiction editor can provide you with favourable professional advice.

Non-fiction editors are adaptable.

Many non-fiction editors have been working on all forms of non-fiction writeups. Thus, they have developed a certain level of versatility that makes them distinguish what is good in a piece of nonfiction literature and what is not. 

You can use their expertise to your advantage and make the best out of your non-fiction writing.

Non-fiction editors can help you save time and energy.

To craft perfectly-written non-fiction literature, you must spend time and energy rereading, restructuring, and revising your write ups. 

Sometimes, it may take hours or even days for a non-fiction writer to complete the job. This is where things get easy when you hire a non-fiction editor.

With the help of a non-fiction editor, you can save time and energy as you don’t need to do all the work yourself. A non-fiction editor will help you not only with restructuring your work but also with the revisions needed.

Non-fiction editors help with fact-checking

The truthfulness of a non-fiction writer’s words in his write-up can make or break his career. A non-fiction writer needs to ensure that the information he conveys through his writings is fact-checked and based on evidence.

Many non-fiction editors also specialise in fact-checking, which means they can help you ensure that everything you write is truthful. 

This is among the major advantages of hiring no-fiction editors because a single piece of misinformation on your write-up can break your credibility.

Non-fiction editors can help make your work impactful

Many writers today believe that editors are no longer needed as automated tools are made available for sentence restructuring, grammar checking, and the like. 

However, it has been shown that automated tools cannot make literature more impactful. This is different when you hire a non-fiction editor.

A non-fiction editor can help make your work impactful as they are actual human experts who know whether your write-up is rousing. 

Non-fiction write ups are supposed to be impactful as they are intended to convey essential information to readers.

Non-fiction editors make sure that your work passes quality assurance

Passing quality assurance checks is challenging for nonfiction writers for various reasons. This is especially true among newbie writers.

To avoid submitting, revising, and resubmitting your work until it passes your publisher’s quality assurance, you need the help of a non-fiction editor.

Hiring a non-fiction editor can save you from the hassle of having to submit and resubmit your work repeatedly. Thus, you can proceed with other writeups and finish as much work when you hire a non-fiction editor.

How to find a good non-fiction editor

Deciding to hire a non-fiction editor only sometimes makes things easy for you. You need to find a good non-fiction editor to reap all the benefits of hiring an editor. 

Here are some tips on how you can find a good non-fiction editor:

Ask friends for referrals.

Referrals are always among the best ways to find the right person for whatever kind of service you need. The same applies in the field of writing. 

If you want to find the best non-fiction editors, you can always ask for referrals from people around your circle who are also in the field of non-fiction writing.  

Try to gauge the editor’s skill level.

You shouldn’t hire a non-fiction editor without knowing their skills and abilities. You should always check the editor’s experience and previous works to ensure that you will only hire the best ones. This is an easy way to gauge an editor’s skill level.

You may also test the editor’s skills by conducting editing tests. This is also a way for you to check whether you like how the editor does his job.

While experience is essential in choosing a good non-fiction editor, you should still hire a newbie editor. There are many newbies out there who can provide you with editing services that fit your needs and preferences. 

Some non-fiction writers also prefer newbies because many of them can introduce fresh and unique ideas for editing.

Look for non-fiction editors on reliable websites.

You can also find a good non-fiction editor by searching for one on hiring websites. 

Several websites nowadays provide a list of potential editors for various types of literature, including non-fiction writeups. 

You can check out an editor’s work experience, services offered, and specialisations through these websites.

Hiring an editor through a website is also advantageous, as you can request quotes from various editors in real-time.

Final Note on Non-Fiction Editing

Hiring a non-fiction editor for all your non-fiction writeups is always a good decision. Hire your non-fiction editor today and experience better non-fiction writing outputs.

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