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When we are talking about some celebrity in our blog then we should and must discuss a very famous and popular social media celebrity her name is Hongkongdoll.

She is very famous all over the world. But she was born in China and her father is an American nationality holder. She was only born in Shanghai, China but lives in the United States of America. So we can say that she has both countries’ ancestors in her blood. She is half Chinese and half American personality. In this article, we are going to share all the related details of this famous and popular Instagram and Onlyfans celebrity. 

 Who is Hongkongdoll?

Hongkongdoll is a Chinese and American-based actress & social media celebrity. She is very popular and famous for her bold and sexy pictures and videos. Moreover, Hongkong has a popular star not only in China but in America too. And she is also a social media personality. Hongkong is an influencer and she worked as an adult model and star too for various websites. Moreover, she is a very cute and gorgeous personality. And she is becoming an internet sensation.

Hongkongdoll decision of modeling and acting:

She has worked with many versatile brands and many kinds of modeling studios. Hongkong has come into the limelight of social media and other modeling networks after the cute accident. When she was only a teen girl then she came and stepped into the modeling world. She is a very sexy adult model too. She is doing many adult and po*n videos for various websites. And thus she has succeeded to reach brilliant followers over there. Then she decided to post her sexy pictures on her social media accounts. And in this way, she also gained huge followers due to her killer looks.

 Hongkongdoll pictures & videos viral controversies:


Hongkongdoll is among the most trending and popular models in the adult world. And she is also becoming a famous model on the po*n world website. She has done many roles in this industry. And due to her notorious roles, she has received many controversies. Moreover, she is also an active member of the adult video industry. Hongkong has worked with various types of top brands & studios in the adult and modeling industry. 

Also, Hongkong is well-known as an adult star and icon. She has worked with so many famous adult male stars for making her videos and pictures over the internet. 

All her videos and pictures took storm on the internet and also in the fashion industry. Her picture wearing a mask is also gone viral these days.

In this article, we will share and discuss all the information about her wiki, biography, age, height, birthday, profile, and videos also. We will also discuss her latest and ex-boyfriend’s rumors and controversies for our readers here.

Hongkongdoll childhood life:

As we all know that Hongkong is a very talented model and Instagram celebrity. But she is also famous as an influencer. Hongkong is working with so many top-notch brands and also for many adult male actors and models.

Also, Honkongdoll was born on the 1st of August 1994 in Shanghai, China. Her mother is a Chinese woman and she fell in love with an American man. They both decided to marry but her mother did not want to leave her beloved country. So, they decide to give birth to her first child in China. Further, they brought up their child in America.

So, Hongkong has a duo effect on her personality, she is looking like a Chinese girl but she has the qualities of an American too. She has duo nationality.

Hongkong is only a 27-year-old model and actress. And her sun and birth sign is Gemini. When Hongkong was very young then she left China and shifted to America for further livelihood with her loving parents. Hongkong is a very hardworking girl and model.

Hongkongdoll early education:


She did and finished her schooling time at a local high school in Shanghai, China. And there she got very good marks and percentages. And then Hongkong has graduated from the University Of Washington, America. 

She wanted to become a professional model & influencer in the American film industry. But Hongkong could not make her real value in Hollywood. Then this model decided to become a social media star and also a social media model. 

Hongkong has created so many accounts on famous social media platforms. And she is doing it for only being famous there. She gained a huge following after her pictures and videos went viral on these platforms. Moreover, Hongkong has placed and made a good name in the adult industry. She also found huge success in AV Movies & web series. 

HongKongDoll parents & siblings information:

Hongkongdoll was born and raised by her parents in China. As we tell about her that she is a Chinese lady and her father is an America. But all family lived with her mother in China. Then her mother shifted with her children. And she wanted to live with her husband, which is living in America.

She did not share her parents’ names but most media resources are claiming that, her father’s name is Mr. Hong Kong and her mother’s name is Mrs. Hong Kong as well. 

She has three younger siblings, but we did not know their names and professions too. She is a private personality and celebrity. Even she did not tell and share any little info about them on social media.

Hongkongdoll modeling and social media career:

As Hongkong has started her social media career with many reputed production companies. And she has done so much work for them. Hongkongdoll has started her modeling journey and career as a model in Hub or as an AV actress. 

And she has a perfect and flexible body. She has been seen in many romantic and adult scenes as well. Therefore, she has seen many brutal scenes in videos. Hongkong has adopted her acting and modeling as a career according to the situation and mood also

Hongkongdoll and her leading roles:

She has performed various significant and famous roles like a student, teacher, girlfriend, friend, step-family, and many other related characters on adult websites. Hongkong is a very confident and strong model and actor for AV movies and videos. Hongkong has seen many acting roles in films and she also performs different scenes full of passion and love. She can take any risks to make her scene fantastic and near to real.

HongKongDoll height, weight & body Measurements:


She has the perfect height of 5 feet and 6 inches tall. And her weight is 48 Kg only. She has blonde hair and she has dark green eyes. Hongkong has very deep green eyes. Every fan of hers is wanting to dip into her eyes.

Hongkong’s dress size is 4 according to the US and her shoe size is 7 according to the US standard. She has the perfect body measurement 32B-24-34. Hongkong has a cute smile on her face, and she also has an attractive figure.

She has a very flirty voice. Hongkong is making many adult films and videos of her. And she is also playing the role of flirting. And she is making many romantic videos.

HongKongDoll Net Worth and income details:

According to the survey of 2022, she has a total net worth of and it is estimated to be USD 100K. And her main source of income is coming from the adult industry and modeling projects. And Hongkong is doing many films and web series for the adult and modeling industry.

Interesting facts and figures about Hongkongdoll:

There are some interesting facts and figure about her personality following here:

She is the best person and a celebrity. And she is very kind and courteous

She is not telling about her school name and she is not telling about her college name. But, she got graduated from high school and a local school in Shanghai, China. And her college and University are the best in reputation in Shanghai, China. 

She has 3 younger siblings. Although, we have not known any relationships or sibling information about them. Hong Kong has no ex-boyfriend nor any husband in her career life. Her favorite hobbies are photoshoots, Makeup, Shopping, and Beach relaxation. 


And HongKong has a total net worth is about USD 100K. And her net income sources are acting & modeling too.

Her favorite colors are Black, Pink, Blue & Red. Hong Kong has some of my favorite actors Tom Cruise and Jimmy Michael. And her favorite female actress is Angela Jolie and Christine. Her favorite destination is Paris and New York and of course, China also.       

She is a very gorgeous and charming personality. And her every picture is going viral over the internet.

She becomes famous at a very young age and also from her college life. Also, She started her modeling career and acting career at an early age on many social media platforms.

She is also famous on Instagram and Only Fans accounts.

Hong Kong is also well known and famous all over the United States of America and China. Because she has two nationalities.

Hong Kong has double the qualities of China and the United States of America. Her Instagram username can be found easily on @HongKong00.

As we all know, she was born in Shanghai in China.

6: She loves to wear utterly modern clothes and pieces of jewelry.

Hong Kong OnlyFans account:


She is also available on her OnlyFans platform. And her Onlyfans subscription is free for all her premium users and followers. She is famous and popular due to her adult and bold modeling videos and pictures on her Instagram and OnlyFans accounts. And she is also famous on many other social media accounts.

She has a fit and perfect body and Hongkongdoll has an accuracy of all her social resources. We can see all her stunning adult pictures and videos which are taken from all her social media handles.

She loves to make amazing reels and videos for all her social media accounts and handles. We can easily check out all her sizzling performances. We can also check out her most amazing viral videos and pictures on her social media accounts.

She loves to make many Tiktok and Instagram videos. And we can easily check out all her performances and availability. She is a fashion enthusiast and is also known as a big personality. And her Instagram and TikTok account is full of adult and bold pictures and videos also.

Hongkong has an Instagram account and also has a Twitch account. Hong Kong has loaded with 3.9M+ fans and followers on above mention accounts.

Most Frequent Asked Questions about Hongkongdoll (FAQs)

1: Does Hongkongdoll drinks alcohol? 

Ans: No, she does not drink.

2: Does she smokes a cigarette?

Ans: No, she is not smoking.

3: Who is Hongkongdoll? 

Ans: Hongkongdoll is a Chinese and American model and social media celebrity, and actor. And she is also a big personality in the adult modeling industry.

4: Where was Hongkongdoll born? 

Ans: She was born in Shanghai, China.

7: What is her height? 

Ans: Hongkong stands 5 feet and 5 inches.

8: What is her body figure? 

Ans: Hongkongdoll is hot, curvy, and has amazing body features and she has measured as 32B-24-34.

9: What is her total net worth of her? 

Ans: As of 2022, Hongkong has a total net worth is estimated to be $100K.

11: What is her occupation of her?

Ans: She is a famous and popular adult star.


The all detail about this famous personality and hot celebrity is taken from different websites. And we do not have 100% original content and guarantee.

The Final Words:

HongKongDoll is a very famous model and hot celebrity. She is also known as an adult model on various websites. And she has various social media accounts and also has millions of fans and followers on her accounts.

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