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Various ways to deal with a mature hairline that you should know

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A Mature Hairline is a pattern in males where the hairline recedes backward for about one to one and a half inches.


A mature hairline can give you a tough time, but before we hop on to various ways to deal with mature hairline, you should know what a mature hairline is, right? A mature hairline is a pattern in males where the hairline recedes backward for about one to one and a half inches. Most people misinterpret the mature hairline with baldness, and panic due to the fact that they might get bald in the future. Although, that is not the case because it is a normal change in hair patterns observed in males.

There are different shapes of mature hairlines varying from person to person.

However, in the beginning, its appearance might bother you but it gets unnoticeable with time which means there is no need to take hair loss medications like minoxidil when a person’s hair is transitioning to a mature hairline as it is a normal pattern. For men, who get bothered by this change, we have some extravagant ways to deal with it which will be discussed later on in this article. So, without any further due, let’s dive in.

Styling can be a Game-Changer

If you appropriately style your mature hairline, it will completely transform your whole look but in a positive way. You must be intrigued to know those styling tricks or hacks, right? There are two tricks for styling that we have on our list. Firstly, you can grow your hair long if you have thick hair. In this way, you will not only be able to hide that receding hairline but pull off a smart look as well. Men with long hair often look younger than their real age if they have styled it impeccably.

The second option is the opposite, which is a short hair look. You must be perplexed that short hair will make your mature hairline more evident, right? But that is not true. Short hair with messy styling can completely hide your receding hairline. Make sure to ask the barber for leaving the front hair a little longer than the rest. When it comes to styling, you have to give some volume to the front hair by blowdrying. Also, you have to give a textured look to the front hair, and you are done. So, you can opt for the option that suits your requirements, and your whole look.

Short bangs can never go wrong

When it comes to a haircut, short to medium front bags can never go wrong for mature hairlines, especially if you want to hide them yet you want to look stylish. Make sure that the bangs are shaggy and rugged. Otherwise, those bangs will ruin your overall look. We recommend not cutting those bangs on your own and refer to a professional hairdresser if you don’t want to make a mistake. Once you have got your bangs cut by a professional, styling them would not be a complex task. Trust us, you will be a pro at it.

Inspiration from your favorite celebrities

Famous male celebrities pull off their mature hairline alluringly and peerlessly. You can take inspiration from them, and overcome your insecurities which will lead to boosting your confidence substantially. Isn’t that incredible? You must be intrigued and anxious to get that inspiration instantly. That is why we already have some of them on board. Comb over hairstyle is quite common which is done to give some artificial weight to the hair, and looks meticulous.


Next, we have a faux Aux haircut. In this haircut, there is more hair in the center of the hairline as compared to the sides. Consequently, all the attention is diverted towards the center rather than the receding hairline. You might have seen various male celebrities with this idiosyncratic hairstyle on screens. To conclude, we can say that a mature hairline is not the real problem. The real problem is how you style it.

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