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Who is Shaiden Rogue? Bio, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Facts & Onlyfans

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Shaiden Rogue is a popular social media star. And she is also available on many social media platforms. She debuted in the adult video industry in the year 2019 and she has gained recognition in movies and videography. Shaiden rose to fame as a master at giving bl0wj0bs and also played many characters related to this field.

Shaiden relishes her deep-throat niche in this field. Even though, she is a limited edition in this industry. In this article, we are going to share all the details of this famous and hot celebrity. And we are trying to give a complete review of her wiki, Bio, Boyfriend, Instagram, net worth, and all her life detail. 

Who is Shaiden Rogue?

Shaiden Rogue is a popular and trending personality on various social media platforms. And Rogue was born on 30th March 2001 Moreover, Rogue was born in Germany.

Shaiden attended a local school there. And her zodiac sign is not known to us. She is a social media model-based model and Influencer in Germany.

Shaiden has more than 577k+ followers on her Instagram account she gained fame and popularity due to her sexy videos and other modeling work. But, Shaiden wasn’t always a girl who is looking like this back in this industry. 

Shaiden Rogue and her Wiki:

She is a German-based actress and model. And Shaiden is also a model and even a singer of many songs. She was born in Germany and she has been hailed for her performances in films including “Lock & Keys,” criminal series, and many more like this series. 

Shaiden has gained a lot of attention on her social media accounts for her glamorous looks. And Rogue made several collaborators with other agencies and companies.

And Shaiden had more than 678k+ Instagram followers and subscribers. Shaiden hails from a Christian family in Germany. Unfortunately, her parent’s and other family members’ information are not known to us or are not available in any online records. 

Shaiden Rogue is only 22 years old. And she has the perfect and ideal height of 5 feet and 10 inches. She has the perfect measurements of 34-26-40. Her weight has 50 kg. Shaiden has dark blonde but shiny hair. Her hairs are long and very beautiful. Her eyes are very deep and blue.

Shaiden is also a German Instagram star. Shaiden is most famously known for her Instagram and Bold photos. And she is the first model in Germany with which she celebrated her 22nd birthday in 2022. 

Since then, she has amassed over 676k+ followers and counting, including many fellow adult and bold actresses. And she is an adult movie star also.

Shaiden Rogue Age, Height, physical appearance:

Shaiden Rogue

And when we are talking about her height and weight and other physical appearance, then we must say that Shaiden is a good grooming and well-maintained model. And her height is 5 feet and 10 inches. Moreover, she has a lean, toned physique with perfect measurements. And Shaiden Rogue is having a figure size of 34-26-40. She measures approximately 50 kg and she has a BMI (body mass index) of 24.2.

Her family information:

According to Shaiden’s official websites and accounts, she was born in a small town in Germany. Unfortunately, we did not know about her family and friends. Moreover, we have not known about her parent’s and siblings’ information.

Shaiden Rogue Husband/Boyfriends/Affairs and other relationships:

Shaiden is not married. And we did not know her husband’s name, but she is not married to anyone in her past life. And she is still single. She has no child. And we did not know about her extramarital affairs or life. We did not know about her photos and videos. Shaiden has no ex-boyfriend in her life.

She is sharing all her photos with her latest and premium followers on her Instagram and TikTok accounts. And Rogue is going to use her Instagram account under her username as @Shadenlife.

According to a top magazine report, she is involved with a webcam guy buts she is hiding this information from others. His name is Alex Dagger. Then Shaiden starred with a guy under the nickname Alex Dagger. And their photos and videos are getting viral from a specialized resource. this couple was called as @Tworogues. And we can be viewed on the right on their accounts.

Shaiden Rogue and her best friend GumcutterV2:

As we all know, she is a very talented girl and a model. She is doing all her modeling work and gets paid promotions on her various social media platforms. She is also available on the Reddit account. And she also has a subreddit group. Which has been managed by her friend GumcutterV2. Shaiden moderates all posts and she ensures that no copyrighted content is promoted on her Reddit group. And the popular discussion is carried on. She was also made fun of and also making a comedy video for using lip fillers. On the popular photo-sharing platform Instagram and Twitter, she has crossed over 135k followers.

Her social media career:

As we all know, Shaiden has loved modeling and she is doing many shots of bikinis and other latest products on her social media accounts. Since she was young and beautiful. So, she has started modeling on Instagram and also on YouTube channels. Shaiden is posting her glamorous photos and videos showing her incredible body and figure to her followers. 

She has promoted various swimwear brands and related products online as well as offline. When Rogue announced that she would start modeling and acting on her Instagram, then she gained huge followers suddenly. But, her face immediately became recognizable to everyone. Since then, many people have gone wild for everything Shaiden posted online or offline as well. And there are 450 thousand people are following her on the OnlyFans and Instagram accounts.

Shaiden Rogue and her OnlyFans account:

She is one of the most original and fantastic models. And she is the most followed personality on the OnlyFans account. And as she is growing her account there. Shaiden has huge followers on this platform. Also, Shaiden is using this platform for showcasing her talent and dancing videos.

Shaiden has one of the best creators on OnlyFans. She has a profile of 570k likes and followers. And Shaiden is using this account under the username “@iamShaiden”.

And her fans are enjoying her all exclusive photos and videos on this platform. Unfortunately, she has the best OnlyFans content creator on her page. And she goes for $22.99 a month. 

Still, if you are wanting to access all of her social media accounts and work across the internet, then we can easily sign up for their all-access plan and accounts. And Shaiden has at $24.99 per month. Moreover, Shaiden is allowing all her accounts to be public.

Shaiden Rogue’s net worth and income details:

Shaiden Rogue

She is from Germany and she is a local civilian. And she entered the industry in 205. Before entering showbiz and media, Shaiden worked as an entertainer and demonstrated on her all social media platforms and accounts.

Shaiden is showing all her skills in many places. And Shaiden is including trade gatherings with all her fans and followers. Her net worth is about $4.2+ million estimated, in 2022. Mostly, she has various social resources and her earnings are coming from brand promotions, modeling, other entrepreneurial endeavors, and other media sources.

Sensational video of Shaiden Rogue:

She is very famous and popular in her videos and pictures. Her first videos of her appeared on the video-sharing platform in 2019. Meanwhile, when she was only 18 years old then she became very famous due to her sexy and viral avatar. And she almost immediately viral due to her sexy looks, and she has gained fame and wide popularity on her account. She is also famous and popular on the Internet for her bold looks.

Her resemblance with Megan Fox:

She thanks her audience and followers to admire her all amateur filming with her so-called boyfriend. Then that time, she looks bright, extraordinarily hot, and bold.

And she is looking like her resemblance model at a young age. And she has big and beautiful eyes. She has thick dark hair. And she is wearing a pretty smile on her face. And she is giving killer looks. She is looking like the famous film actress Megan Fox.

And yet, many fans and followers are getting online audiences. And they have criticized this actress for her overly large lips and also have large boobs.

Shaiden Rogue and her amateur style:

She is the best actress and she shoots various videos in an amateur style (amateur). And she has not yet been seen in the filming of any professional studios and professional video makers. Shaiden shoots both indoors and outdoors in public places. She is shooting her various nude pictures and videos in the streets, shops and cafes, forests and nature, rooftops and cars parked in public places of her own country.

This beauty has a great charm on her followers and audience. There are no forbidden places or locations.

Shaiden Rogue viral video:

Shaiden Rogue

Some of her videos are getting viral these days. And she is one of the most famous web resources for legal content and data. In the adult film industry, she has the best genre which is hosted by herself.

Where Shaiden has her web official pages. But still, most of her official work is paid content. The actress herself notes that she is an amateur model and actress in this country. However, she is still making money these days. And she has required so much money to create more adult content. This adult content is consumed by her huge audience and followers.

So, she calls to support her channels by viewing content. And she posted exclusively on legal Internet resources. In addition to posting videos, she also hosts some exclusive webcam sessions for those who want to join in her live sessions.

Shaiden Rogue and her internet journey:

As of October 2020, she has a huge fan audience. And she has more than 537 thousand subscribers on one of the most famous video-sharing apps.

 She has a huge following platform in which she has only 420 thousand viewings. There are various photos on her Instagram profile, and even with this huge number. She can rule over the internet.

She has more than 570 thousand subscribers and followers on her social network. And she gets huge subscribers in the comments section on her photo.

Some interesting facts and figures about Shaiden Rogue:

There are so many interesting things following here:

She opened her website and also opened an online store. And she is posting all her videos and pictures there. She can do paid content and even a page for her online store in Germany.

She sells beautiful underwear as well as sex toys in her online store. Also, She is using this stuff on her own during the filming of the video. The selection of products in her online store is super impressive. She has a large variety of stickers, hoodies, t-shirts, etc. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Shaiden Rogue (FAQs)

1: Who is Shaiden Rogue?

Ans: Shaiden is an internet sensation. And she is a sexy model on Instagram and Reddit platforms. She is becoming super attractive on her all social media platforms.

2: When is the Birthday of Shaiden Rogue?

Ans: According to her Facebook and Twitter accounts, her birthday is 30th March 2001. And her zodiac sign is not known to us.

3: How tall is Shaiden Rogue?

Ans: As a famous female model, Rogue has a perfect height of 5 feet and 10 inches.

4: Who is her boyfriend?

Ans: Her boyfriend’s name is not known to us.

5: Where does Shaiden Rogue live?

Ans: She currently lives in Germany.

6: What ethnicity is Shaiden?

Ans: She belongs to the white ethnicity. And she is a Christian by her religion.


The all detail about this famous personality and hot celebrity is taken from different websites. And we do not have any certain personal information about her.

The Final words:

Shaiden Rogue is a popular but adult star. And she belongs to Germany. She is a very cute young model.

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